Our services include the following:

Investment Research

We have teamed up with fascinating groups of economists, financiers, investment advisors, asset management experts, financial analysts, traders, lecturers, university professors, etc. We have been able to avail ourselves of the teachings of those very powerful international groups. We have created powerful strategic alliances with those people of high integrity leveraging on their experience and knowledge that would otherwise not be available to us throughout several lifetimes.

Many of these opportunities to profit from around the globe are not available or recommended by international brokers. When it comes to investments, greater access ultimately equals greater wealth.

We review holdings, make recommendations and analyze opportunities for members.

We focus on at least five investment themes:

Commodities – everything from gold bullion to mining stocks to energy stocks to royalty trusts.

International Stocks – the best of the bargains among international stocks.

Income Portfolios

We’ve come up with the solution that ensures a steady flow of monthly income year-in and year-out. It’s called the Never ending money system, and it utilizes a high-yield portfolio designed specifically to generate income every month, every year... in perpetuity.  Your checks will arrive like clockwork, each month... on time, no matter how well or badly the market is performing.

Direct Investing

Our Prime A1 Trading Portfolio contains most of our individual S&P and NASDAQ stock trades and is geared toward investors with a shorter-term investment horizon. In it we try to provide a little bit of everything from higher risk/higher returns to low risk, more conservative plays. Here you'll find growth stocks, value stocks and invest only where you are most comfortable. The Prime A1 Trading Portfolio also features a trailing stop strategy, the heart and soul of our investment philosophy. Using a trailing stop guarantees that we let our winners ride, while cutting any losses short.

We can protect both your profits and your principal of your portfolios by using our asset-allocation model, our trailing-stop strategy and our position-sizing guideline. Out of all positions of our portfolios, most of them are winners, with the annual targeted success rate of over 50%.

In short, everything we do - is done with an eye to not only maximizing your returns, but also limiting your risk. Our goal has always been to beat the market by the widest margin possible, in the shortest time possible, while taking as little risk as possible.

Trading Stock Options

Many consider stock options the ideal investment because the risk is fixed and the profit potential is unlimited.

Trading Currencies -The Recession Proof Business of the 21st Century

The Forex (acronym for foreign exchange) currency market trades an estimated $3-to- $3.5 Trillion Dollars a day. Yes, that is correct, $3.5 Trillion a day. It is the biggest and fastest growing liquid market on earth!

The Forex market is massive when compared to the around $25 to $35 Billion a day traded on U.S. Stock Exchanges on an average day and Forex trading exceeds the combined volume of ALL the world major exchanges trading equities, futures, and other instruments.

Asset Protection Planning

Our mission is to help you achieve Total Wealth - the peace of mind that comes with knowing your financial affairs are kept private, your assets are fully (and legally) protected and that you have unfettered access to the world’s top performing investments. We've identified the safest and most private nations around the globe, where our members can find the best offshore banks, tax havens, legal structures, insurance vehicles, investment opportunities and tax management solutions.

International trusts are an excellent tool for asset protection, international investing or pre-migration planning. If you are considering "offshore" to live or invest, an international trust not only allows you to protect your assets and maintain control and privacy, but is a valuable planning tool to put in place before moving or investing offshore.

Going offshore offers exciting opportunities for international investing, offshore banking, risk management, foreign residency, portfolio diversification, privacy, tax minimization, asset protection, and much more.


Through your members-only newsletter and monthly reports, we examine a wide range of investment vehicles. Global stocks, energy funds, precious metals, commodities, foreign currencies, bonds, ETFs, and special investments from commodity trading advisors have provided our members with substantial gains.

Here’s a brief list of or articles published and distributed to our valued associates and members:

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2. The miraculous rise of China

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Your one stop shop for immediate loan solutions. Obtain debt funding from providers you can trust. We make it easy for you by...

Advising you on the feasibility and preparation of business development plan,

Introducing you to our capital providing system of consortium of financiers,

Assisting you with negotiations for suitable financial packages and

Advising you on the continuing financial requirements of your business.          

Venture Capital

Do you have high growth ambitions for your company? Are you willing to sell some of your company's shares to an investor in order to be able to increase your stake's value to more than that of your original holding within a few years?

Do you know how to organise a quality management team to attract investors?

Investors only target companies with real growth prospects, driven by a skilled, ambitious management. So if you and your company fit this description and you answered 'yes' to the questions above, investment capital certainly is worth considering.

Contact us and learn how we can negotiate the best terms for you and your business, what it takes to attract the investors and the money you need to grow, how to play the project funding game and win.