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3. Ordinary dividends pay 1%...2%... Maybe 3%, if you're lucky. But "Guaranteed Cash Dividends" pay five to ten times that! A select group on Wall Street is ready to guarantee you these rates of return or better on hundreds of top companies. They're prepared to pay you monthly – in cash – and yet you don't have to own a single share of stock. Instead of wondering if the market will go up or down – you can sit back and collect what I call "Guaranteed Cash Dividends." For years, only the super–rich could dip into this elite income stream.

4. Currency Traders. Hundreds are now eligible to collect $70,000 per year (part-time).

5. The ultimate “safe investment strategy,” targets rock solid companies that – through steady appreciation and a long history of high dividend payouts – triple the returns of traditional “safe” investments.

6. Our research service that locks on to emerging trends an average of 60 days before the rest of the world reports on them… then tells you exactly how to play the trends for maximum gains.

7. The emergence of new global economies like China, East Asia and India are fueling huge demand for energy, yes – but infrastructure as well. The Energy and Infrastructure build out focuses on the huge profits to be made over the next decade on those sectors alone.

8. We have discovered a proven strategy that can signal big moves in stock prices.

9. Who better to know the future fortunes – and therefore the likely stock movement – of a company than those running the show? That’s the main idea behind The Insider Research. It seeks out situations where top executives of good, solid, fundamentally sound companies are buying significant amounts of shares in their own company… with their own cash… at going market prices.

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Financial Privacy

The InvestorLords Guild can also give you the privacy tools to make all the following possible for you:

  • 1. Asset protection and privacy through an offshore bank or investment account
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  • 7. We make all the techniques of the super-wealthy accessible and affordable, including offshore banks, commodity trading advisers, offshore corporations, and sophisticated asset protection techniques
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  • 9. Greater real estate investment opportunities throughout the world
  • 10. Financial privacy from wealth predators, such as lawyers, former spouses and crooks
  • 11. Create permanent wealth through asset protection trusts
  • 12. Three core techniques for achieving legitimate tax management
  • 13. Greatly expanded entrepreneurial opportunities
  • 14. Secrets for importing goods into your offshore haven duty-free
  • 15. Rapid Residency Programs to help you diversify politically with overseas safe havens
  • 16. Work hand-in-hand with top experts in the offshore world to make all your offshore moves the right way, the first time
  • 17. Hold wealth that is virtually invisible to predators - with bearer shares
  • 18. The best estate planning strategies in the world - formerly used only by royalty and wealth dynasties (such as the Family Foundation in Liechtenstein)
  • 19. Take advantage of the offshore havens with low corporate tax rates and low personal tax rates plus earnings free from local tax when earned outside of the jurisdiction
  • 20. Bank, invest and do business in havens with longstanding traditions of privacy
  • 21. Take advantage of special relationships to save money and tap into exclusive investment strategies
  • 22. Explore AAA-rated Eurobonds that offer safety and diversity, yet pay annual interest of 13%
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  • 24. Take advantage of special investment programs
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  • 27. Use great insurance investment strategies that have been employed by the world's wealthiest investors for decades
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  • 29. Bank in countries that have much tougher financial supervision regimes than your country, including one that has not had a single bank go broke in 140 years
  • 30. Learn how to shield your assets with Limited Partnership
  • 31. Target gains on overseas funds that far outperform your countries counterparts
  • 32. Receive tax-free distributions from a foreign trust
  • 33. Find out how to use insurance wrappers for Asset Protection Trusts (APTs) - for protection and tax-deferred distributions
  • 34. Put more into your tax-deferred accounts (by paying fees separately)
  • 35. Be fully plugged into all markets where money is being made, at all times - including foreign stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, global real estate, annuities, gold, derivatives and more
  • 36. Set up your global haven - and hop from one of your offshore business entities or personal properties to the next in another country or another continent
  • 37. Participate in an investment program sponsored by a major European government giving you a 20% discount on market value, high capital appreciation potential, 6% annual yields, plus the opportunity to spend a couple of weeks a year at your own little Mediterranean getaway for a song
  • 38. Connect to great contacts for financing businesses and properties overseas
  • 39. Become far more financially knowledgeable and globally sophisticated in a very short period of time
  • 40. Be the first to take advantage of special global investment opportunities
  • 41. Stash your cash in a country that not only has the strongest bank secrecy laws on earth, but the strongest insurance secrecy laws as well (providing added protection to your annuities)

Our members are entitled to:

  • 12 issues of our monthly newsletter
  • Monthly e-mail delivery of The Investment and Privacy Research Reports
  • Access to investment portfolios through our annual fee based package
  • Access to trading services through our annual fee based package
  • Investment and privacy recommendations based on the work of our global research teams
  • The Investing Academia, educational materials on investing

If you're not 100% satisfied with our services or membership for any reason whatsoever, simply let us know and we'll issue you a full refund during the first 60 days of membership and services, and any unused portion of your membership and recommendations dues after that - no questions asked.

You keep everything we've sent you with our compliments.

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