Airports and aicrafts


In the changing economic situation since 2008, there has been a drastic shift in the international airlines business worldwide. Alliances, joint ventures, mergers and new growth strategies keep emerging in the airlines industry today.

Balances airlines development and economic cycles, handling fuel price volatility and managing impacts of competition and expanding infrastructure development are key strategic concerns in the airline industry today.

Growing airlines opt for best solutions and strategize to manage the financing and development. Upgrading and managing services and facilities to provide star class customer travel experience is vital. Expanding into emerging markets and sustaining long term growth are keys to success.

Bearing this situation in mind, we have created a group of aviators, financial institutions, insurance companies, investors to offer business solutions, provide expertise and facilitate acquisitions of aircrafts, and come the aid of the aviation industry at large.


Once the acquisition of the Aircraft is finalized, the user has ready & automatic access to following services:

1.  Extensive spare parts for the leased or purchased Aircrafts and especially payments can be made as per the convenience of the user. 

2. Purchase of Aviation fuel at subsidized international rates.

3. Expert preventive Maintenances, Overhaul & Repair by Entities who have decades of experience in this field with Worldwide reputation. 

4. Full range of Ground Support Equipment’s such as Ground Power Units, Air Conditioning units, and Push back Tractors. 

5. Complete range of multi aircraft approved Engineering equipment, Tooling and GSE. 

6. Multi Aircraft Docking Systems.

7.  Aircraft Consumables, Chemicals, Rotables. 

8. Software For Maintenance Planning. 

9. Hangar Designing & Construction. 

10. Stand alone Nitrogen Generators.



During past, the purchase of Commercial Aircrafts was a cash and carry business due to their heavy demand. But the present International Financial crunch has altered this situation. There are talks of differed payments, extended lease, soft loans, loans combined with passenger strengths etc. 

Keeping all this in views we have evolved a proposal where there will be a balancing act created by the merger of very highly profit making entities and the payment of the long term lease of the Aircrafts put to use.

As a result of this synergy, we are in a position to offer new long range fuel efficient Aircrafts for the International Airlines with a financial package which will not only help them to acquire new Aircrafts, but allow the lease payments with the help of fixed term single payment Guarantees.          

Currently most of smaller countries are aspiring to have their own National carriers. In many cases such National carriers are already in existence. However the fleet of Aircrafts would need upgrading, or replacement which will require purchase of New Generations Aircrafts. It is exactly in such a situation that we will play a significant role. 

Many of these Countries are able to give their own Sovereign / Government Guarantees for the Purchase or lease of these Aircrafts. By their own strength these Guarantees are not internationally rated. We will organize Insurance wrap of such Guarantees using our own AAA rated Insurance Associate. It is then offered to the Investment Bankers for a credit line. Such a credit line is issued taking into consideration the value of the Aircraft purchased + potential passenger traffic income. 

The inclusion of new Aircraft into existing fleet and compute potential income to pay off the lease fees over extended period of time. Based on this credit line, the Aircraft manufacturer would be offered a standard Financial Guarantee towards the payment of the cost of the Aircraft purchased and leased to these countries.

We are also emerging as the supplier of Multi capacity / Multiage Aircrafts to the under developed Countries around the World at an economically affordable price. Also we will provide a consolidated Supply, Servicing and Maintenance Support System required. 

It is also expected to create a new generation of Corporate Aircrafts to be available on a 24/7 basis manned by expert Pilots and crew of international standards.