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The miraculous rise of China

Jim Rogers: China’s economic advance is all but unstoppable.

According to Rogers, a global investment guru, China’s long-term prospects are so strong that even a civil war, an economic collapse or political assassinations would only temporarily delay its emergence as a worldwide economic powerhouse.

He adds that this economy has been building a head of steam for 25 years. And now it is creating the biggest economic boom since the Industrial Revolution.

‘Miracle’ is the right word to describe what is happening today in China. As this once-great land modernizes and shifts to a market-driven economy, the staggering economic growth taking place there will continue for the foreseeable future. The profit potential for investors who truly understand what is happening inside China is equally staggering.

Every major trend is either driven by China or, at minimum, heavily influenced by it. This is true for energy, commodities, technology, bondseven real estate.

As this land of one billion people modernizes and makes the leap to capitalism at the same time, I believe we will profit from some of the best investment opportunities of our lifetimes.

“In one astounding decade,” says Rogers, “China’s manufacturing base for durable goods increased one hundredfold.”

If projections hold, China is set to surpass the United States as the world’s largest economy…

Beijing now has foreign reserve currencies surpassing $2.4 trillionnow the largest in the world

As the world’s investors continue to hide in panic, shrewd investors like you and me are going to make a bundle as investment in China surges and the country uses its new-found capital to build more roads, bridges and other infrastructure at record pace.

A recent report by McKinsey Global Institute will tell you the same thing:

“In 20 years, China’s cities will have added 350 million people—more than the entire population of the United States today.”

“By 2025, China will have 221 cities with more than one million inhabitants—compared with 35 in Europe today—and 24 cities with more than five million people.”

“By 2030, one billion people will live in China’s cities… 170 mass-transit systems could be built… 40 billion of square meters of floor space will be built in five million buildings—50,000 of which could be skyscrapers.”

In other words, as China transforms itself from a nation of farmers to a nation of urban dwellers, the equivalent of 10 New York cities will need to be built, and in doing so, will richly reward investors who invest now.

Truth is, China will continue to grow…

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